Price: 20.00 USD

Directly support the server by purchasing GUARDIAN rank!

GUARDIAN rank perks:

  • All PHANTOM perks
  • Access to GUARDIAN kit
    (20 day cooldown, view kit in-game with /ranks)
  • Access to GUARDIAN-restricted weekly rewards
    (250,000 coins, 60 XP Levels, Crate Keys each week!)
  • Create up to 30 player warps
  • Create up to 40 homes
  • Create up to 80 chest shops
  • Special GUARDIAN tag
  • Access to /itemlore
    (Change/Add descriptions to any item in-game)
  • Access to /itemname
    (Change the name of any item in-game)
  • Use Hex Colors in chat
    (Allows you to use colors outside Minecraft's color list)
  • Mine spawners without Silk Touch
  • Access to /editsign
    (Change information written on a placed sign)